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Hoping for another no spend day!

January 5th, 2007 at 03:12 am

Yesterday was a great day, did not spend a cent. Have my lunch packed today again and hoping for a no spend day again. Yesterday was pay day, I'm aiming not to even cash the check and put it directly into savings. The next two checks are already spent on bills but I should be able to save most of the last check of the month. I might have to keep a little for groceries but cannot think of anything else. Luckily my fuel is paid for by my company, unless I make a personal trip somewhere which happens rarely. When I go out of town to my mom's I make sure that I also have business to take care of in that town, it is where our corporate office is located and that way my gas is comped for that also! So unless tragedy strikes it looks as though this should be a great month for saving!

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