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Dang Electric Bill! I Give Up!!!

February 9th, 2007 at 02:30 pm

I have switched over lightbulbs to the energy efficient kind, cost me a couple of bucks each, was not cheap to do this in the entire house, I turn off lights if not in use. I have no heater because I'm too cheap to pay a minimum gas charge of 50.00 per month, the only thing gas in this entire house is the heater, so I had the gas put on vacation over a year ago thinking that I rarely use a heater anyway. In this part of Texas we usually have very good weather in the winter, still warm enough to wear shorts.........not this year! I have frozen my you-know-what off! The weather is warming up now so is much better but next year will take the gas off vacation for a month or two.

Anyway......my electric bill is still $212.00 for the past month......there has to be something I'm missing. I do use the dryer quite a bit....can it use that much electricity??????
I will keep working on it though!

Back in the summer using the central AC my electric bill was $650.00 per month, I turned that thing off and bought window units for three rooms and instantly it went down to about 297.00.

Any thoughts?????

Dental Problems and Unexpected Expense!

January 3rd, 2007 at 02:55 pm

Well, it never fails! Just when I think I might be able to save a little I'm hit with another expense. On the other hand it can always be worse as I could be so in debt that there would be no way to get the money! So I guess I will just say, thank the good Lord I will be able to pay this expense.
I went to the dentist today and and had a tooth pulled. This is the second jaw tooth in about 5 months. I must get a partial for the bottom teeth as I have no more teeth to chew with. This is due to gum disease from not having my teeth cleaned twice a year as everyone should. When I divorced about 6 years ago I lost all insurance and it was hard enough just to be able to pay the normal monthly bills, much less anything else. So I just thought as long as I brushed my teeth as I always have everything would be fine. I've always had very healthy teeth and no cavities until I was in my mid thirties. WRONG!!!! I also have about 7 small cavities to be filled and of course need a cleaning. This will cost around $2000.00! The work will begin on Jan 18th and I will need to at least pay half by the time the dentist makes the partial. So, I guess I have another expense to add to the mix!

Monthly Expenses

January 2nd, 2007 at 05:35 pm

Rent: 525.00
Elec: 200.00 (was 650.00 a month almost all summer until I shut down the central AC and installed window units in 2 bedrooms and the living area. It is sweltering hot on the South Texas border, no way to do without AC!)
Water 70.00
Phone 103.00
Auto Ins 180.00 (includes daughter and son's cars, both fairly new drivers and high risk.)
Cable: 105.

These bring the monthly expenses to $1183.00.
I work about 75 hours per week and bring home approx 635.00 a week for a total of $2540.00 per month.
I would like to save two checks per month and live on the other two but this would leave no money for groceries etc. I could sell a few things per month on eBay though and maybe raise food money, something to think on.